Thursday, June 19, 2008

My football Diary - 19th June

Woke up after four and a half hours of sleep (because of the Russia Sweden game) to make it just about on time for a game of football. Someday after the Euro is over, I will write about the story of our bi-weekly (at least attempted bi-weekly) footballing sessions.

Ran more than usual but was slow. Failed to reach and trap a number of good passes. Was especially horrible in defence. Giving away the ball from the goal line twice with one of them leading to the opponent scoring. The only good part was scoring two goals – especially 1 where I actually managed to control the ball and turn and run a few steps before shooting into goal (well the goal was empty but I’ll take credit anyway).

Need to improve first touch. Just need to.

Anyway, here is a picture of the ground we play in (National Games Village, Koramangala, Bangalore). On Saturdays their are 15 teams playing cricket and and maybe 4 playing football. Games can range from 3 a side to 33 million a side all in the space of a 5-a-side game. Quite often the cricket fielders are unwittingly the best defenders in the game accidently blocking shots on goal and passes. I think it is close to being the best place to play football in the world.


anshu bora said...

Brilliant! There could not be a place more inviting than NGV for a ridiculously confused game.

As for today, I think everyone was a tad bit shy of their true game so you can take heart from that.

PS: I think you should start mentioning other people in the blog, especially the good ones. ;)

jham said...

Other good ones like Zidane, Henry etc. have already been mentioned:-). Hold Anshu and watch this space. Characters will be revealed in time....