Monday, June 16, 2008

Portugal V/s Switzerland Euro 2008

Did not see this game which ended two nil for the Swiss. Good for them – something to cheer for the host nation. Germany will hope that they don’t allow the other hosts to celebrate tonight.

Scolari made many changes and while no one will lose sleep over their loss, I’m sure the confidence on the bench will be a little lower. After all the team that played had Quresma, Nani and Postiga among others and a goal-less surrender will not have pleased the guys out on the pitch.

There has been some news about players not happy with Scolari’s job announcements with the tournament in progress and this defeat though inconsequential, would definitely not be what the Portuguese would have wanted. Whether they can just shake all this off and march on is still to be seen.

Personally, I think that Germany’s loss to the Croatian’s was an aberration and they will qualify to meet Portugal in the next round. It will be one hell of a game but I back Germany to go through that one. But then when has football gone to plan?

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Gaurav said...

If Portugal meet Turkey in the semfinals it will be curtains for Ronaldo and Co. The turks will be too charged up to lose. Carvalho is right in praying for the Croatians to carry their good form from Klagenfurt to Vienna.