Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Football diary: 31 July 2008

After two weeks out owing to work related travel, got back to my bi-weekly football game this morning.

Played four v/s five a side with Bunty, Mirgi, Vohra and me on one side and some young kids on the other side. The pitch was wet with big patches of muddy slush, but it was great to be back playing anyways.

We were physically stronger and faster by miles (though I’m always surprised when that happens against a bunch of school or college kids) and were able to have a good workout rather than an intense game.

I reached late and had no time to warm up and keeping that in mind never made too much of an effort to stretch. Each of us tried pulling off some of the things we like – Vohra beating people, Mirgi dribbling till it was done to death, Bunty using pace and skill to carry the ball from goal to goal and me getting some juicy shots on goal in.

But that was all effort with little real success. I hit the post twice and shot wide once. Bunty was consistent as usual and Vohra had some good moments but Mirgi and I were quite below even our usually dismal standards. Anyway, there was no pressure for effort and I’m not worried too much about how it went. Saturday should be more intense though.

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