Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Argentina v/s Australia (Group Stage)

I've felt before that Argentina are Arsenal in slo-mo (or Arsenal are Argentina fast forward). The thoughts and feelings came back when I caught some of the second half from the Argentina v Australia game. It wasn't just the short passing and movement, it was also the inability to convert...

Australia had ten behind the ball and in the box, and while that let the Argentine's get close to the box, it was the spaces they found and the runs they made in that crowded space, which left one speechless. Riquelme at the top of the box played the 11 to 1 o'clock angles and Messi though not at his best in the dribble or the pass, caused panic all the time. Yet, somehow for almost 80 minutes, it stayed one-nil before the Argentine goal came.

The youngsters looked great though thanks to Doordarshan taking a 25 minute detour (yes, in between the second half), I was unable to see enough to pick specific favorites.

At the same time on another ground, Ronnie from Brazil scored two in a thumping victory for the five-time world champions. Yes, it's largely under-23 and yes it's New Zealand, but don't tell me just now that the toothy Gaucho isn't back.

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