Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Liverpool v Arsenal, Premier League, April 21

When Liverpool played out that 4-4 draw against Chelsea in the memorable semi-final second leg, many who saw the game hailed it as the best game they had seen in their lives. A few days later, this match presented the same score line and received the same accolades. Personally I found both of the games terribly exciting though I would stop well short of calling either of them classics.

Some memories from the game:

  • Once again Arsenal took the lead against a clearly superior team (and once again failed to defend it till the end).
  • At least six out of eight goals were scored because defensive mistakes were made. This should not take anything away from the strikers as in most cases a lot of work had to be done even after the mistakes were made. Arshavin’s second was special!
  • Apart from scoring the four goals and maybe one more threatening moment, Arsenal were completely outplayed.
  • Benayoun is a much improved player this latter half of the season.
  • Liverpool created many great chances but were either cut off by the Arsenal defense or wasted the chance. They could have won this 7-4.
  • Kuyt was the man of the match for me even though Arshavin scored four goals.
  • I was not at all surprised to see Arshavin’s class. However, before he scored his first, he had been invisible.

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